Welcome to Classic Fish & Chips

Fish and Chips have been and will always continue to be the nations favourite, and here at Classic Fish & Chips we strive to serve you the very best in freshly sourced and rapeseedprepared ingredients, and all cooked to perfection. We have over 10 years experience preparing and serving our fish and chips to the public and we have been in our new Cheshunt site successfully serving our customers for over 2 years now. Our fish is freshly delivered to us daily, direct from Billingsgate Market in the centre of London, so you can rest assured that our fish is only caught from renewable and sustainable supplies by Jason Hope. All our dishes are cooked in Rapeseed Oil, which apart from the added healthier benefits, also has the lowest saturated fat of any cooking oil. Our potatoes are sourced only from UK farmers and they are of the Maris Piper variety, they are a class of white potatoe that have a pleasant light fluffy texture, which makes them perfectly ideal for chips! If-There-Is-Banner We are also proud to announce that we have been awarded a 5 Star Hygeine and Classic-Hygiene-CertificateManagement rating by Broxbourne Borough Council, and all the photographs you see on our site are of the actual fish and chips that we serve to you, and they are not pictures taken or ‘borrowed’ from other websites, so what you see here is exactly what you get!

The fish here was so incredibly fresh and so tasty, I will Definintly  be back and im bringing my  friends too!  - Lexie Bella

Two Brothers Classic Fish & Chips, is Definitly  the most delicious Fish and chips i have had in a while.  I might have to just buy the store to Satisfy my taste buds- Jason Hope The

Service here is amazing its such a humble and calm place. its kind of like i found myself a secrete place for me to spend me time and eat some Delicious fish n chips -Steven Moore